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With more than €2 billion generated in real estate and €1.8 billion in transactions, La Française doubles its growth in 2015


The roll-out of its real estate platform enabled La Française to generate more than €2 billion in real estate inflows with investors in France and abroad, and to initiate €1.8 billion in transactions, some 20% of which outside of France, for its real estate funds and mandates.

1/ 2015 inflows

In a context of low interest rates and high market volatility, real estate offers an excellent investment solution for institutional clients subject to strong regulatory constraints elsewhere.  Backed by its historical positioning with its retail clients, La Française is now a recognised expert in real estate with institutional clients, as proven by the some €1.5 billion they generated in France and abroad. Indeed, La Française is capable of providing diversified core/core+ investment solutions in offices and business activities to investors seeking to access the European market, in various forms (open-ended funds, dedicated funds, mandates and club deals):  
  • This year was once again marked by the acquisition of new top-tier clients, the creation of several dedicated structures, and mandates granted in France, contributing to record inflows of €1.3 billion.
  • Closed-end funds generated inflows of some €140 million.  
La Française’s real estate activity with its retail clients grew in 2015, showing the success of the development strategy and the multi-channel distribution strategy; La Française thereby generated more than €600 million with retail clients

2/ Transactions

In France, through its entities La Française REM and La Française REP, La Française naturally remains a leading player in the real estate market with more than 80% of its transactions conducted in France, representing €1.5 billion.  2015 will be remembered for 45 operations in France, including a building at the heart of the "Bassins à Flot" district in Bordeaux (33), the Liner in Montpellier (34), a building in the Elipsys programme in Toulouse (31), No. 67-69 avenue Victor Hugo in Paris (75) and 6 Place Alleray in Paris (75) Acquisitions accelerated in Europe, particularly in Germany, in 2015, thanks to the experienced local team of La Française Forum Real Estate Partners, with five acquisitions in the main cities of Germany: Frankfurt, Munich, Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin. Of these transactions, 53% concern offices and 16% retail space. “Today, in line with our objectives, La Française is able to provide all its clients with a comprehensive offering. La Française’s expertise in core/core+ offices and business activities is now recognised in France and internationally. Supplemented by the dynamism provided by our affiliates in the different regions of the world, our expertise is a real asset which we have conveyed to more than 100 prospects met over the course of 2015 in 20 different countries in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific," enthuses Xavier Lépine, Chairman of the Board of La Française.
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